Gocupi iPad App Instructions

Go to the Apple App Store, search on "Gocupi" and download the app.  IT'S FREE!
Once installed on your iPad, tap on the Gocupi icon to start the app.
Using iPad "Settings", connect to the Gocupi AP.
Return to the Gocupi app and you'll see its start-up screen (below).
The Gocupi app is designed for the iPad in landscape orientation.
The first time you run the Gocupi app, there won't be any Gocupis listed.  The one you see listed below (e.g. MyGocupi is my Gocupi.
To add a Gocupi to the list, tap the plus (+) sign in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Enter the information in the pop-up dialog box.  The name can be anything you like.  The username, password and IP address are specific to your Gocupi.
Tap "Create" when done
Tap on the newly created Gocupi in the list.  In the screen below, it's "MyGocupi".
You'll see the main control screen for the Gocupi app.
In the upper-left is the "< Gocupi List" link to go back to the list.
In the center of the screen, you'll see a message that the Gocupi you selected in the previous screen is connected through the IP address you provided.
There's a row of commonly used commands (in blue).
Below the row of commands is a "Terminal Window" label.
Below that, you'll see all activity from the Gocupi's terminal.
Use the "Spool" command to move the gondola to the desired starting point.
Tap "Spool" and select which motor (left or right) should move.
Next, enter a distance you'd like the motor to move.
And, tap "Positive" or "Negative" depending on which way you want the gondola to move (e.g. positive = away from the motor and negative = toward the motor.
Confirm that the gondola moved in the desired direction.
Once the gondola is in position, tap "Done".
Tap "Setup" and enter the necessary measurements to establish the beginning point for the gondola.  All measurements are in mm.
Tap "ls" to see the list of images on the root directory of the Gocupi.
Tap "Draw" and enter the required information.
Tap "Box" or "Top" depending on your preference.
The Gocupi will start the drawing process based on the information you provided.
Tap "Abort" if something goes wrong.